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During the age of the Marauders

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Welcome to Hogwarts!

This rpg will take place in the 7th year of the marauders' stay at Hogwarts. However students of all years can join. Also Ministry of Magic folks, Order of the Pheonix members, Hogwarts teachers, etc. etc.

The OOC comm is marauders__ooc

What will be happening:
1) Voldemort will be rising to power. Eek!
2)The Order of the Pheonix will be formed
3)The things that usually happen at Hogwarts.
4) More surprises and plots will be let known as the story goes along...

1) You need to post at least once a week. If you can;t understand. Things come up. But tell me if you can't.
2)This isn't a slashy community. Try to keep it somewhat canon. I don't care if relationships happen that weren't in the book but hopefully you know where to draw the line.
3) Don't bash on other players. that's just not nice!
4) If you have a problem come to the mod or post about it in the OOC community and we'll try to fix it.
5)Do not use someone's character majorly without asking them. Actually it's just best that you ask them when you use them, but especially when it's major for that character.
6)Clear subplots with the mod first. If it affects the community you need to clear through me first. I probably won't reject it but you still should ask me.
7) Do not maim, hurt, or kill another character without asking the player first.
8) Have fun ;P

Characters Taken:
*= Original/Previously unnamed character

James Potter- 7th year naughtystag Head Boy
Sirius Black- 7th Year snape_sucks
Remus Lupin- 7th year shiny_prefect Prefect
Lily Evans- 7th year lily_e Head Girl and Prefect
*Adira Amaris- 7th year adira_amaris
*Kalista Avis- 7th year kallistavis

Severus Snape- 7th year not_snivellus
Lucius Malfoy- 7th year father_malfoy Prefect
*Tia Quinn- 7th year dark_arts_belle
Bellatrix Black- 7th year miss_bellatrix Prefect

Emma Vance- 7th year emma_vance_ Prefect
Jasmine Tierney- jazzy_t

Davy Gudgeon- 7th yeargudgeon_davy
Greta Catchlove greta_catchlove
Ministry of Magic

Hogwarts Professors
Headmaster Albus Dumbledore chocolate_frog_

The mod is lily_e