Lily Evans (lily_e) wrote in marauders_age,
Lily Evans

Gryffindor wins 230-60 (After getting heads three times in a row when doing a coin toss)

Lily had just left from the Quidditch game. She was even able to pull Emma over to the Gryffindor side since they had been playing Slytherin. The team had played a great game, a close one, but still a very good one. She would have stayed after the game to meet up with James but it seemed like they were going to be in the lockerroom for a while. So, instead she went up to the dormitories and grabbed a book, walked back outside, and walked along the lake to the grassy knoll she normally sits at when she studies outside. She was enjoying the nice fall weather and hoped it would be just the same next week at Hogsmeade. As she walked she became unaware of anything going on around her because she was engrossed in the book. She needed to read this chapter for some Transfigurations homework.
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