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Making Up.

Tia fretted for a bit up in the girls' dormitory. Pretty much everyone in Slytherin House knew about the huge fight outside the Great Hall this morning. She knew she had gotten too carried away. Maybe Lucius was right. Maybe she was in over her head. Tia sat down on her bed and drew the curtains, then rolled up her sleeve to look at her arm.

The Dark Mark shone brightly on her forearm. She had told Lucius the night before about the Mark and about the Imperius Curse she had placed on Jasmine Tierney. Things were getting way out of hand. But she needed to show him she could handle herself. The only problem was...Tia didn't really know if she could.

Finally, Tia broke down and went down to the common room in search of Lucius. She would have settled for even Severus's company at the moment. But neither he, Lucius, or Bellatrix was in sight.

Tia sighed, turned, and trudged back up the stairs. She stopped on the second stair when a thought occured to her. Tia spun around and went up the stairs to the boys' dormitories instead. She knew there was a charm placed on the girls' stairs so that boys could not get up them, but luckily girls were able to go upstairs to the boys' rooms.

Tia halted outside the door to the seventh years' rooms, took a deep breath, and knocked.

(OOC: Yeah, I know Phil Collins hadn't done this song back in '77, but it's fitting for Tia right now.)
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