Lily Evans (lily_e) wrote in marauders_age,
Lily Evans

Oct. 17th

Lily, Emma, and Kallista were allowed to leave Hogwarts for the weekend to go to Petunia's wedding. They had taken the train from Hogsmeade to London and then the bus to Lily's house. Petunia had already put a for sale sign out in the yard.

The next day Lily took the girls shopping to get some nice Muggle dresses for the wedding, and made it in time to get to the wedding. It was very traditional, and ended up being quite long. After that they went to the reception where Petunia and Vernon made sure to avoid eye contact with the trio. They also got a few dirty looks from some of Petunia's friends consdering that Lily was Petunia's "strange sister." Lily wondered what all Petunia had told them.

"Well at least I made an appearance...." she said, trying not to care at all the way that her older sister was ignoring her.
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