Lily Evans (lily_e) wrote in marauders_age,
Lily Evans

(Open to the girls or marauders)

It was time for the first Hogsmeade trip. Nothing had really been planned for what she was going to do, so she met up with the girls at the spot they always meet. They walked with the rest of the group to the entrance to Hogs meade. She spotted some of the Slytherins like lucius and Tia and then looked over and saw James and the gang. At the sight of the slytherins she threw a sideways glance to Kallista and rolled her eyes a little and at the sight of James she smiled. They hadn't planned anything yet for Hogsmeade so she didn't know if he planned to be with his friends the entire time or not. So she went with the girls into the Three Broomsticks and ordered a butterbeer with them.
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