Adira Amaris (adira_amaris) wrote in marauders_age,
Adira Amaris

earlier that night...

"Look up into the heavens," Firenze had said quietly earlier that evening. "For those who can See, there lies the future of all races. We centaurs have monitored the skies since the beginning of our time, and we have seen the tides of change borne out in the heavens long before their sweeping currents are felt upon the earth."

Adira shivered in the still darkness. A swift breeze arose, and rustled and parted the leaves in the canopy of trees directly above her, and Firenze pointed upward. "You see that Mars is bright," he continued quietly. "There will be a great battle among the Light and Dark of the wizarding world. It has already begun, as you know. Many on both sides will die, and only after many years of struggle will one side finally prevail." He allowed Adira to take this in for a moment. "It has taken years to be certain, but the signs have only grown brighter in the past decade."

She swallowed. "Could I ever learn to See by the stars, as centaurs do?"

Firenze shook his head. "Humans so rarely have the objectivity and skill to See accurately. They look only for what confirms their dearest hopes, and denies their greatest fears." Adira frowned. "It takes so many years of practice even among our kind to develop such skill, that most humans have not the patience."

"But I -" she began to blurt out, before he silenced her with a sharp glance. "It does not lie in your path to do what you are thinking, Adira Amaris," the centaur spoke bluntly. "I must advise you to give up your quest. It can only end in failure."

"What do you know?" Adira retorted heatedly, irrationally. "Even you have told me centaurs aren't always right about what they read from the skies! I just -"

"-want to know more than you need to know," Firenze rejoined calmly. "But you are a human, and a child at that. You will better aid your cause by other means, in the future, although they are unclear to you now." With that, the centaur turned away from her and was quickly absorbed in the black cover of night. Shaking from the confrontation, Adira turned and fled from the Forbidden Forest, for what she told herself would be the last time.
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